I am a BA!!

Well it took six years but I got confirmation of my degree (2.1) from Bristol University today – now to get on with the writing after that interruption is out of the way!

Book reviews

Hi I wonder if you would consider reviewing my novel “A Face Not Seen.” Since I published the book I have had all 5* reviews, but only 9 (USA + UK) of them, and I feel I need many more to get anywhere,especially with another novel I aim to release in January 2015. I have … More Book reviews

Coping with harsh words and criticism

  Having many artistic friends (writers, musicians, actors etc.) on Facebook and Twitter I have observed that no matter how successful someone is, criticism and harsh commentary no matter how unwarranted, can really hurt the receiver beyond reason. This little story should help some people cope with the most horrendous and cutting words.   I … More Coping with harsh words and criticism

      Yesterday I learnt a life lesson for myself which I would like to share with others.       Something simple involving communication and the human spirit.           I was travelling long distance from South Wales to Cumbria and for a short while I had my own space … More


You can never tell! Sat in a crowded Italian restaurant with a noisy table of Americans next to us, tried to ignore them all night, then struck up a conversation and what nice people. Told them we were going to see ONCE in the West End –the guy told us to rush over to the … More ONCE